MoNA Links Classrooms to the Museum
MoNA Link is a partnership between the Museum of Northwest Art and Skagit Valley pre-K, elementary and middle schools, with a common goal of helping you strengthen and enrich your teaching through the arts.
   The MoNA Link program
•          Helps you teach hands-on art projects based on your curriculum needs.
•          Helps you use Museum exhibitions to enrich curriculum in subject areas of your choice.
•          Helps students achieve state-mandated requirements in visual art, communications, writing and critical thinking.
•          Helps fund field trips to MoNA.
•          Helps you use MoNA as a continuing resource.
This two-year professional development program offers ongoing opportunities for pre-K through grade 8 teachers and their students.
•          In two sequential summer institutes, you will develop skill in teaching art: looking at, talking and writing about art in ways to engage your students. You will be making art and experimenting with art materials, while learning how to use these new skills in classroom instruction.  You will have the opportunity to study Northwest artists and Native American art traditions firsthand while exploring the museum’s exhibits and collection.
•          Three exhibition training days during each school year for ongoing development of art skills through museum tours, discussion and hands-on activities. Substitutes provided by your district.
•          Learn to develop curriculum units based on museum exhibitions with mentoring from MoNA Link staff.  Three after-school trainings offer the opportunity to share art projects, knowledge and classroom experiences with your peers.
•          Three field trips for your students to the Museum (bussing funded at 50% by MoNA Link) with one pre-visit lesson and three post-visit lessons taught in your classroom by a Museum Art Educator.
If you are interested in this remarkable opportunity, please contact Jasmine Valandani for more information or 360-466-4446 ext 101


Museum of Northwest Art


The Museum of Northwest Art connects people with the art, diverse cultures and environments of the Northwest. 



MoNA collects and exhibits contemporary art from across the Northwest, including Alaska, British Columbia, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.