Hello Scientist Artist Teams!
We hope that since we saw you last at our Speed Dating event in July you have been hard at work discussing the environmental obstacles facing our region and brainstorming ways in which to tell these stories to the public through science-based artwork.
Please fill out the webform below in its entirety to submit your proposal to MoNA staff. This form is due no later than October 20. Proposals will be reviewed the week of October 23 and those juried into the show will be contacted by November 3.
Artists confirmed for participation in Surge 2018 will be asked to fill out a W9 form during the month of November and $250 honorariums will be issued by January 8, 2018. These funds are intended to offset material costs of the new piece. 
Questions regarding Surge and next steps can be directed to Curator, Chloe Dye Sherpe at chloed@museumofnwart.org or by calling (360) 466-4666 x105.
To review the Surge Timeline and FAQs document visit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7vgov2f913xyrth/Surge2018%20FAQTimeline%20Final.pdf?dl=0

Examples could include concerns with size, fragility of the piece, or special hardware requirements.
Examples could include video, PowerPoint, or other technology included in the installation.
Please include the area of scientific focus/themes, a visual description of the piece to be created, and the intended audience takeaway.


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