Mel Katz, Ribbons 1, 1966, oil on wood, 48 x 94 x 3/4 in., Collection of Dianne C. Anderson
Mel Katz, Ribbons 1, 1966, oil on wood, 48 x 94 x 3/4 in., Collection of Dianne C. Anderson


Coming this Fall: Mel Katz, Raven Skyriver and Hidden Narrative, a display of permanent collection pieces with hidden meaning

La Conner, WA.
This Fall, the Museum of Northwest Art (MoNA) welcomes two new-to-MoNA artists, Mel Katz and Raven Skyriver, as well as an exhibition focused on permanent collection pieces that hide deeper meanings within their frames.
In his first MoNA exhibition, 2015 MoNA Luminary Artist Award Recipient Mel Katz displays a series of paintings, sculptures and photographs of public artworks that highlight the bold shapes, colors and abstract styling for which Katz is known.
Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Mel Katz graduated from Cooper Union in 1953 during the rise of Abstract Expressionism. Katz choose to relocate to the Portland area in the 1960s bringing with him a desire to expand his paintings beyond the typical rectangular frame. He began to explore sculptural work, evolving from plastic to wood to steel materials. In Portland, Katz worked closely with Portland State University and was the co-founder of the Portland Center for the Visual Arts (PCVA), an organization dedicated to bringing contemporary art to the Northwest. Katz pieces displayed in Choices not only challenged the traditions of their time but also remain contemporary today.
Exhibit Sponsor: The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation/ Arlene & Jordan Schnitzer
Stanwood-based glass artist Raven Skyriver will show in the Benaroya Gallery this Fall with an exhibition titled Submerge, dedicated to the aquatic creatures of the Pacific Northwest. Having grown up on a small island in the Puget Sound, surrounded by nature and marine life, Skyriver has had a long-standing respect for the Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer. As he notes, some of his fondest memories are of catching his first salmon or whale watching from his kayak.
Trained in Venetian glass blowing techniques, Skyriver began blowing glass at the age of 16 and continues to teach glass blowing nationally and internationally. While his work shows a mastery of the medium, he continually strives to push the art of glass blowing to new heights by challenging the limits of size, color and shape. In his pieces, Skyriver attempts to capture the essence of the animals he depicts and openly embraces the fragility of glass to convey messages around the fragility of our ecosystem.
Exhibit collaborators: SR3: Sealife Response, Rehab + Restoration & The SeaDoc Society: People and Science Healing the Sea

Upstairs this Fall, the Museum of Northwest Art will display permanent collection pieces, with a focus on new acquisitions. True to the exhibit title, Hidden Narrative, works included in the exhibition have deeper meanings that can be deduced from close observation.
Museum visitors will be encouraged to use Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to dig deeper into the pieces on display. VTS methods are commonly employed by educators as a way to use factual observations to inform personal meaning. VTS learning methods are used frequently in the MoNA Link program, the Museum of Northwest Art’s highly acclaimed education program.
Visitors will be able to share their thoughts and learn from the close observations of others through engagement panels located within the exhibit. Several VTS-based tours, facilitated by the MoNA educational and curatorial teams, will also be offered during the show run to help viewers experience this learning strategy and hear more about the new pieces on display.

Important Dates
Exhibition Runs: October 14, 2017 – January 7, 2018
Opening Reception: October 14, 2 - 5pm
Mel Katz Artist Talk: October 14, 1pm
Raven Skyriver Panel Discussion: November 4, 2pm
Hidden Narrative VTS Tours: Oct. 20, Nov. 17, Dec. 15, 3:30 - 4:30pm


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