Adams, Hank Murta + Class. Funkadelie Hyena Holiday
Hank Murta Adams + Class - Funkadelie Hyena Holiday

Exhibition Date: 

July 4, 2015 to September 23, 2015

Additional Artists:
Nancy Davidson                 Kaitlin Becker                     Oida Toika
In the Benaroya Glass Gallery, the Museum of Northwest Art is proud to present for the first time a selection of prints from Pilchuck Glass School’s Pilchuck Print Shop.  Artworks were selected by co-curators Tina Aufiero, Pilchuck Artistic Director and Lisa Young, Exhibitions Director.
Printmaking with glass plates was introduced to Pilchuck in the 1980’s.  Artists such  as Harvey Littleton and Elizabeth Tapper have been credited with what has become  a legacy studio on campus, the Pilchuck Print Shop.
Painting on glass has a long history in the traditions of stained glass techniques.  Pilchuck Glass School known for forging relations with artists to further the use of  glass as a medium, easily found that they could adopt techniques from other print  disciplines, creating applications unique to transferring images from glass plates. 
In 1990 Elizabeth Tapper officially started the Pilchuck Print Shop with the  acquisition of a press. It is still used to day and has made thousands of prints by well  known artists, instructors and students.
                                                     Tour & Lunch at Pilchuck Glass School and Print Shop
                                                     Saturday, August 22, 2015 
                                                     Brunch in the lodge begins at 11:30am following an inspiring artist’s slide presentation
                                                     Ten Available Reservations @ $40 per person
                                                     For reservations contact


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