Barbara Straker James, March 1965, photo by Mary Randlett

MoNA holds a number of endowment funds, including one in honor of Barbara Straker James, MoNA's curator from 1991-2002. The fund helps further the legacy of Northwest art by directly supporting exhibitions and publications.
A painter, Barbara Straker met painter and sculptor Clayton James at the Rhode Island School of Design. The pair moved to the Northwest in 1944. They became closely associated with many of the leading Northwest artists of the time including Morris Graves, Guy Anderson, and Richard Gilkey.
After chairing the Board's exhibitions committee, Barbara Straker James became the museum's first curator. Over her time at MoNA she mounted 68 exhibits and increased the size and scope of the permanent collection. Her exhibit celebrating Guy Anderson's 90th birthday was an influence on the Seattle Art Museum's retrospective of this important Northwest artist.
Her energy, creativity, and dedication to Northwest artists inspires MoNA to this day. If you are interested in supporting the endowment fund, contact Marlene Viloria at 360.466.4446 x112,


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The Museum of Northwest Art connects people with the art, diverse cultures and environments of the Northwest. 



MoNA collects and exhibits contemporary art from across the Northwest, including Alaska, British Columbia, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.