John Cole - Dike Near Wayne's Pond
Study in Green from the Permanent Collection

The fourth in the color study series surveys Northwest artist’s use of this tranquil and rejuvenating color. From line to color field and realistic to abstraction, green is echoed from nature to...

Horton, Todd - Cargo 3, 2014, oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches

Curator Wakthrough - March 21, 1pm
Panel Discussion – May 2, 4pm
Guest Curator, Robert Yoder
Growing up in a small...

Etsuko Ichikawa - HAKONIWA Project - to touch & to be touched

Hakoniwa (hӓ ko ne wӓ) is a Japanese word that means a boxed garden or a miniature garden. It also refers to Sandplay therapy that was developed by Dora Kalff, a Jungian therapist in Switzerland...

Kathleen Rabel and Allyce Wood, Photo by Stephen Tanner
From The Artist's Eye

Co-curated by Kathleen Rabel and MoNA Exhibitions Director Lisa Young

Curatorial Statement Kathleen Rabel From the...

Adams, Hank Murta + Class. Funkadelie Hyena Holiday
Pilchuck Print Shop

Additional Artists:
Nancy Davidson                 Kaitlin Becker                     Oida Toika
In the Benaroya Glass Gallery, the Museum of Northwest Art is...

The Artist in his Studio
Richard Fairbanks, Potter/Poet

                     I can hold the whole world in my hands when I am seeing with them a good pot.
At the time of his death, Richard left an...

Tanis S'eiltin (Tlingit), Territorial Trappings (detail), 2015
Not Vanishing: Contemporary Expressions in Indigenous Art, 1977-2015

Gail Tremblay will be discussing the Native American Contemporary Art Movement at 1:00 PM, October 10th on the second floor.

The Museum of Northwest Art is pleased to present Not Vanishing...

April Surgent, Antarctic Drift Ice
April Surgent: Observations of Life on Ice

During the Austral Summer of 2013, I conducted eight weeks of fieldwork in the Antarctic, as a recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artist and Writers program. I had the...

Eve Deisher, Forest Moonlight (detail)
Here and There: Topographic Conversations with Morris Graves

January 9, 1pm Artist Walk-Through

Here and There engages viewers in a discussion between Morris Graves, eight contemporary artists, and their environments. In addition to works by these...


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