John Cole
John Cole

In 1949 Cole began to paint in oil. His drawings and paintings were submitted to the Royal Academy of Drawing in London through a British-funded scholarship program in art.

Benjamin Cobb

I love to work with my hands. I started working with glass as a teenager, and have been at it ever since. Glass is a material that can be both transparent and opaque. I find this intriguing, and...

Ric Gendron: Rattlebone

MoNA hosts a traveling exhibition of the paintings and related works of Spokane artist Ric Gendron (pronounced zhan-dreau), a dual-enrolled member of the Arrow Lakes Band of the Confederated...

Pilot in a Hotel Room
North American

MoNA presents the world premiere of a film by Robinson Devor and Charles Mudede. Working once again outside the traditional narrative structure, Devor and Mudede have created a unique film...

Shoreline from the Permanent Collection

Shoreline from the Permanent Collection offers a variety of visual perspectives. The viewer will experience a kaleidoscope of color, media and composition.

“How do...

John Cole - Eagle's Walk - Nooksack, 2006, oil on canvas
John Cole: A Historical Perspective

Recognized as one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading landscape artists, John Cole (1936-2007) painted in the region for almost four decades.  Favoring abstraction over literal description, Cole’s...

 Skagit River, Hamilton - Wrapped and Sandblasted Stone
Lucy Mae Martin - Hands On

In the Benaroya Glass Gallery, the Museum is presenting Skagit Valley artist Lucy Mae Martin. Martin grew up on the Fir Island flats and learned at an early age to work with her hands, and a deep...


Geology is a multidisciplinary exhibit pairing science and art with the Northwest’s geological findings and the collection’s palette. The works chosen from the Permanent Collection offer an...

Bradd Skubinna - Ten Ideas Worth Having

It has been my privilege to exhibit the work of Bradd Skubinna since 1996. Since most of his installations have been site specific there was always an element of uncertainty as to what he was...


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