2016 MoNA Art Auction
Oh, what a night!
We are immensely grateful to the generous artists, donors, sponsors, and volunteers who joined us on a new adventure for the 2016 MoNA Art Auction...
Entry Lobby, Swinomish Lodge, Photo Credit: Rylan Schoen Photography
MoNA Auction FAQ

Here are some helpful tips for those of you planning to join us:
Where is the 2016 MoNA Art Auction, and how do I get there?
Both the Friday ...

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The Museum of Northwest Art connects people with the art, diverse cultures and environments of the Northwest. 



The Museum of Northwest Art enriches lives in our diverse community by fostering essential conversations and encouraging creativity through exhibitions and educational activities that explore the art of the Northwest.



MoNA collects and exhibits contemporary art from across the Northwest, including Alaska, British Columbia, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.