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Chastity Belt - Different Now - from the 2017 album I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone on Hardly Art.
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Chemtrails - Deranged - from the 2017 EP Headless Pin Up Girl on PNKSLM Recordings.
The Mountain Goats - Rain In Soho - from the 2017 album Goths on Merge Records.
The Cairo Gang - Real Enough To Believe - from the 2017 album Untouchable on Drag City.
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Tesseract invites us to move beyond two dimensional shapes into new dimensions and mysteries. Of course, the director, Charles Atlas, is there to assist you with the 'seeing,' with 3-D glasses. The experience is separated into two distinct segments. The movement, however, is continuously mediated, superimposed and purposely broken up by images and patterns.

In the first segment the movie collapses and expands space, with the movement serving as only a reference.

The spaces slice like a knife or turn psychedelic, kaleidoscopic and fractal and at some point become sinuous and continuous like the underworld of ancient Egyptians, or an old Jules Verne imagination of a world yet to be.

In the second segment, the dancers dominate. And, yet, the movement turns elastic, multiplicative like sprouting weeds that seek nourishment from unknown sources, making life busy, complicated and regular at the same time.

Who knew that fractals and multiplication possible through technology, just mimics the process of life itself, making the original movement seem almost redundant and superfluous — a distraction?



Koushik Ghosh is an art historian, educator, and arts writer and member of the 16/17 Season Ambassadors Writers Corps. Learn more about The Ambassador Project. 

Photo: Ray Felix/EMPAC.


A man in a crimson suit
comes to stage
And stands in front of us
right on the white mark
his eyes in between us and his camera
his body between us and his camera
we look at the man with his camera
his shoe, pitch-black on one side
and glittering on the other
that’s a quite peculiar shoe
and a bit demonic too
a man is thin, very thin, and tall
he might have walked out of Kafka’s novel

I have never seen a solo with a camera before
and it’s quite fascinating

and then the Roberta Flack song kicks in
and I am transported
on the back seat of my parents’ Zastava 101
my parents in front and the Roberta Flack song in front, too
“We used to go to a lot of dances, you know,” they said
“Whose song is that?” I said
“The song of our youth,” they said
I thought: this life, with this sunset
Am I going to go to dances too?
I cannot wait for that time
My parents my sister and I
at the age of six
With a large Coke dripping clinking sounds
Refill Coke was a big deal at the end of socialism

Later my friend said: I didn’t like Adidas in this show
I said: I wish there was more of Adidas

I wish this sounded more like a poem
At least it has a shape of it

And I thought then: this life, is this life going to be all like this sunset,
with drops of condensed moisture
rolling down my paper cup
gliding down my hand
my arm
my elbow
I cannot wait to live more
I said then
I cannot wait to live more of this crimson sunset

That perfect moment
that one song





Petra Zanki is a dance and performance maker, choreographer, teaching artist, editor and member of the 16/17 Season Ambassadors Writers Corps. Learn more about The Ambassador Project. 



Eyelids - Falling Eyes - from the 2017 album or on Jealous Butcher.
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