"I do feel like Netflix is commodifying stand-up. This boom, at least as defined by me, is about treating comics as individual artists with distinct points of view, not people providing a service. Stockpiling stand-up as content and telling people it’ll be there whenever you need a laugh is completely antithetical to that. Has the boom already given way to a bloat?"

The works, near the Barbican Centre, mark the opening of an exhibition by American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

"We haven't done something in the Hamptons before, and I was really surprised by how many collectors came by," one dealer said. "They're really all out here." Read More

Skip back a generation or two, and those to have emerged from other Hull dance schools include former Royal Ballet principal Mark Silver and ex-Birmingham Royal Ballet principal Robert Parker. Hull seems to have a particularly good record with male dancers.

The five-day gathering drew formidable galleries to what was more than just a regional art fair. Read More

This failure to create places for people—our logical "target user," in the region's parlance—is, in part, to blame for the soul-crushing, NIMBY-inducing, place-agnostic sprawl we've idly cobbled together here. Planning-wise, the city that's supposed to be inventing the future remains trapped in the 1950s, as Allison Arieff wrote recently in The New York Times. The Valley of Heart's Delight's once fine agricultural complexion is now forever marked with the suburban scars of endless tract homes, bland office parks, and a dogmatic adherence to California's transportation motto—"Park Free or Die."

"At the beginning and end of the program, all of the students took a series of tests. They were asked to describe, in detail, images that depicted artworks, retinas, and the faces of patients suffering from various eye-related diseases. The observational skills of the 18 students who took the art course increased significantly over the three months. Somewhat surprisingly, those of the 18 who did not take it actually declined during that same period."

San Juan Community Theatre is seeking an Executive/Artistic Director.

This position reports to the San Juan Community Theatre Board of Trustees and is responsible for conceiving, developing, and implementing the direction, focus and artistic vision for San Juan Community Theatre. The Executive/Artistic Director selects and evaluates programs for the year, including local stage productions, performance groups, touring artists, school presentations, educational outreach, and HD streaming events. The Executive/Artistic Director supervises both artistic and technical personnel and frequently acts as the Theatre’s key spokesperson.

The Executive/Artistic Director oversees the Educational Programs (youth and adult) of the theatre, oversees the Director for Finance and Development and the Director for Promotion, and acts as an advocate for the organization in the community. The successful candidate will have substantial experience in the performing arts including technical and production aspects; strong interpersonal and communication skills; the ability to build and nurture trusting working relationships with artists, staff, volunteers, and the community; strong problem solving skills; and a passion for the Performing Arts. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts or a related field is required.

For a complete position description, contact Sandy Johnson at sajsandy347@gmail.com. The deadline for applications is October 20, 2017.

He is coming from the Frost Art Museum at Florida International University in Miami. Read More

Previously undisclosed emails reveal that the colleague at the center of the inquiry, the countertenor Reginald Mobley, denied to festival administrators that Matthew Halls had been racially insensitive. But clear reasons for the firing remain elusive. And the attempt to deal with an ugly personnel issue sotto voce — last week, university officials agreed to pay Mr. Halls $90,000 as part of a settlement with a nondisparagement clause — has resulted in a crescendo of criticism, from the festival’s hometown, Eugene, Ore., to England.

The group display seemed to be the product of an artist's eye. Read More

"Slate has noticed a wily hedging mechanism among Silicon Valley soothsayers to circumvent these uncertainties—make predictions for “five to 10 years out.” It hits that sweet spot: just close enough that people can begin to taste it, but just far enough away that (almost) no one is going to call you out if it doesn’t become true. A review of press releases and tech articles stretching back to the 1990s finds that these Goldilocks forecasts are abundant."

"Supercomputers are already used to predict weather and earthquakes, but there’s not currently enough computing power to model complex biological systems precisely enough to make endeavors like large-scale transitioning to wind energy, for example, feasible. An exascale computer would be powerful enough to uncover answers to questions about, say, climate change and growing food that can withstand drought. It could even predict crime (hopefully with more accuracy and fairness than current predictive policing systems)."

"Some of the answers to art’s mysteries can be found in the realm of science. Art is considered the domain of the heart, but its transporting effects start in the brain, where intricate systems perceive and interpret it with dazzling speed. Using brain-imaging and other tools of neuroscience, the new field of neuroaesthetics is probing the relationship between art and the brain."

"What is so obvious to me – a professional photographer – as well as colleagues, photography bloggers and social media users, was not obvious to Nikon. Instead, it seemed to have worked on the campaign, from the concept stage through to development, marketing and public relations, without a thought for its female clients."

"A little over a decade after he published “On the Origin of Species,” in which he described his theory of natural selection shaped by “survival of the fittest,” Darwin published another troublesome treatise — “The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relationship to Sex.” This expanded on an idea he mentioned only briefly in “Origin.” Sometimes, he proposed, in organisms that reproduce by having sex, a different kind of selection occurs: Animals choose mates that are not the fittest candidates available, but the most attractive or alluring. Sometimes, in other words, aesthetics rule."

Miami City Ballet is seeking a qualified School Administrator for the Miami City Ballet School.


  • Financial background and ease with budgets and accounting, strong writing skills, strategic thinker and planner, clear communicator, consensus and team builder, personable and able to deal with parents and students.
  • Positions reports to and works with Director of Faculty and Curriculum and to Artistic Director


  • Overseeing staff and general operations of both Summer and Winter Programs including all registration processes
  • Troubleshooting; answering questions/making decisions
  • Handling daily correspondence between other MCB departments and outside constituents including parents
  • Hiring administrative/housing staff, including interns, in conjunction with Director of Faculty and Curriculum
  • Generates all letters of agreement and manages contractual and lease agreements with outside vendors
  • Works closely with Housing Manager and Programs manager to oversee housing issues
  • Collaborates with Programs Manager on educating senior students on how to prepare for audition season
  • Tracks alumni
  • Oversees attendance records of students


  • Creates budget in tandem with DFC
  • Tracks monthly actuals and updates projected year-end and cash flow estimates
  • Track each program’s revenue and scholarship awards and teacher/pianists costs
  • Works with Development Team to track contributed revenue for the School
  • Works with Box Office to track ticket sales


  • Manages logistics for Palm Beach Summer Camp, Including housing and studio rental, daily lunches, transportation, open class/meet and greet, etc.
  • Assists Outreach Director along with DFC with on-site visits to potential Explore Dance partners


  • Brainstorms new ideas and assists in implementing them
  • Helps in building donor relations; meets with Board Chair and new Board members or potential donors to assist with getting them involved in the School
  • Works closely with grant writers on program coy and content



"Tinkering with Austen’s image has a long history. According to Kathryn Sutherland and Freya Johnston in Teenage Writings, their new edition of her juvenilia, even writing that Austen never intended to publish didn’t escape others’ propensity to touch it up."

Documenta 14 ended its 100-day run in Kassel, Germany, yesterday, but the debate about the exhibition there and in Athens, Greece, seems to be very far from over. Last week, reports surfaced that the grand show had opened up a … Read More
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